Innovations & Value Packaging

We get it. Every pull you make equates to time and money.

  • MC Barrel Pack

    MC Barrel Pack

    With time and safety in mind, the MC Barrel Pack was designed to serve as an instant payoff system with no extra tools required. Available in standard 120V/280Y and 277V/480Y color codes.

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  • The Reel Payoff<sup>®</sup>

    The Reel Payoff®

    The industry's first self-spinning wooden reel! No jack stand needed! The Reel Payoff allows you to pull directly from the pallet. When off the pallet, the Reel Payoff rotates within its own axis for 360-degree maneuverability; perfect for small spaces.

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  • The PullPro<sup>®</sup>

    The PullPro®

    Budget, safety and agility take priority on any job site, so we developed a product that weighs less than 30lbs, requires no additional tools and fits into any small space for storage.

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  • Cyclone Barrel Pack<sup>®</sup>

    Cyclone Barrel Pack®

    No tools, just pull, straight from the barrel. Available in 120V/280Y and 277V/480Y color codes.

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  • Smart Features

    Smart Features

    Encore Wire products are customizable with features to save you time, labor, and money. Helping you with identification and measurement are just a few of the ways we make your wire work smarter.

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  • The Reel Payoff<sup>®</sup> Premium

    The Reel Payoff® Premium

    Encore Wire's new Reel Payoff® Premium is more durable with enhanced weatherability! Designed with large projects in mind, it is more stable and has a decreased overall pulling tension - Plus, similar to our classic version, it fits through a finished 32" door way and no jack-stand is needed.

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  • The Reel Deal<sup>®</sup>

    The Reel Deal®

    See the difference with the Reel Deal with Encore's compartmentalized wooden reel. Available in reel sizes: 32″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ in THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2 and USE-2.

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  • Mega Coil™

    Mega Coil™

    Encore Wire's new Mega Coil™ is designed with pre-fabrication operations in mind. With even longer, continual metal-clad runs, processes are streamlined and scrap is reduced. The Mega Coil™ is portable, easy to set up and saves valuable floor space.

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