Mega Coil™


  • Contains more footage for longer, continuous runs
  • Available in 12/2 MC/AL and 14/2 MC/AL SOL & STR
  • Ideal for pre-fab operations where productivity is paramount
  • Stack two Mega Coil™ to maximize floor space
  • No extra tools required, enabling a safer and quicker set-up
  • Reduced material handling when storing and maneuvering
  • Smaller footprint, and environmentally friendly
  • Achieve 2.5x more footage as compared to the Gaylord*

*Calculated values including 12/2 MC/AL SOL at 8,000' (16,000' stacked) compared to traditional Gaylord footage.  


Designed with pre-fabrication operations in mind, Encore Wire's new Mega Coil™ pulls clean and easy while keeping its shape throughout its use. With even longer, continual metal-clad runs, processes are streamlined and scrap is reduced. The Mega Coil™ is portable, easy to set up and saves valuable floor space.