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Delivering confidence, so you can finish your project on time.


We consider it a success when your goals and needs are met – delivering what you need, when you need it, and exactly how you need it – so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently.  No matter the size, you can rely on us for service and quality, including cutting/paralleling capabilities, extensive production capacity, and industry-leading service levels.


Get products and services that boost your bottom line.

Encore Wire is equipped to handle commercial projects of any type and size, from healthcare facilities to stadiums, from data centers to EV infrastructures. Our tight quality control and singular focus on wire ensures that our products will handle the greater demands of powering the most complex jobs.

On the job-site, our innovative packaging solutions make it easy for your team to conquer the installation. And throughout the process, we’re always ready to assist you in any way, from custom assemblies to meeting critical delivery deadlines.

The result? The finest quality and service—plus ease of doing business and long-lasting partnerships.

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For big projects, you need top quality.

From manufacturing to quality control to distribution, Encore Wire manages every step of the process right here in the USA. For you, that means excellent products and on-time delivery you can depend on. Whatever you’re constructing, from a wastewater treatment plant to a power generation facility, warehouse, or other structure, we can help your project run with greater economy and efficiency.

Our full line of off-the-shelf products can handle almost any need.  If you need a smart solution to a tough problem, our engineers are always up for the challenge.

Want to learn more about what makes us different? See what our customers have to say about Encore Wire.

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We're the home of outstanding products and services.

With exceptional product availability, high service levels and an ability to quickly adapt to market demands, Encore Wire can help make your next residential project a success.

We can deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it, to keep your schedule on track. And our quality and safety standards are unmatched.

When you partner with us, you’re working with a company with a long track record of innovation, from the industry’s first self-spinning wooden reel to patented product offerings designed to reduce inventory and accelerate projects. Plus, our values-based culture leads to mutually beneficial customer relationships based on loyalty and trust. 

Open the door to better wiring solutions with Encore Wire.

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Data Centers

Get Connected with High-quality Data Center Cables

Count on Encore Wire to service your data center and set your entire team up for success. Having a reliable, large-capacity data center is one of the most important assets for companies moving forward. With such a growing demand for data collection, construction projects must be quick, efficient, and on schedule in order to succeed.

Get your company ready for the future with the help of Encore Wire.

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Powering Success for Your Healthcare Projects

The health and safety of our community is a top priority of Encore Wire, which is why we supply only the highest-quality products for our healthcare facilities.

As part of our vertically-integrated campus, Encore Wire's TechLab® is an industry premier research and development laboratory designed for quick responses, innovation, and optimal product performance — while ensuring our solutions are up to the latest UL standards. You can count on Encore Wire for dependable wire and cable, smart packaging, and speedy delivery to keep your Healthcare projects first-rate.

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Clean Energy

Connecting You to Sustainable Solutions

Now more than ever, finding clean and sustainable energy solutions are necessary for your community’s growing needs. Encore Wire provides top-notch wire and cable to aid in environmental sustainability projects, such as solar energy, electric vehicle infrastructures, battery storage, wind energy, and utility transmission. Visit our GreenConnect page to learn more.

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