School Construction

For best-in-class value, turn to Encore Wire.

As communities across America grow, new schools are rising to educate the next generation. These projects are usually financed by taxpayer funds or bonds, so they require extra sensitivity to cost and value.

With a vast inventory, unmatched service, and affordable pricing, Encore Wire delivers the best value in the industry. Our high-quality wire and cables are designed to support state-of-the-art learning systems while meeting every standard for safety. And they’re all made in the USA at our centrally located facility.

Encore Wire also means easier installation with less waste. Our lightweight PullPro® system provides extra safety and agility on the job site and fits into small spaces for easy storage.

Plus, we understand the tight deadlines associated with school construction. Our industry-leading delivery times can help your school or stadium project stay on schedule.

School Construction Products

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