New Products

  • Flexcore<sup>®</sup>


    Flexcore® is a highly-flexible conductor designed for use in power distribution applications between the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Remote Power Panel (RPP). Flexcore is flexible like Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO), but listed for use in buildings unlike DLO.

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  • TC-ER SE-R Hybrid<sup>®</sup>

    TC-ER SE-R Hybrid®

    TC-ER SE-R Hybrid® is a combination cable that can be used as TC-ER-JP or SE-R for indoor and outdoor, above ground and underground applications. When necessary to transition outside underground into a building, our hybrid cable streamlines the installation process by combining indoor SE-R and Tray Cable direct burial ratings.

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  • NM-B PCS Building Wire

    NM-B PCS Building Wire

    NM-B PCS is constructed with one cabled pair of 16 AWG signal wires for 0-10v lighting control. The multiple signal/control bundles eliminate the need for additional independent signal cables and reduce dependence on Wi-Fi controls which can be intermittent and are subject to security concerns. NMB-PCS's unique design of power and control in one reduces cost by speeding up the installation process.

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