New Products

  • The Reel Payoff<sup>®</sup> Premium

    The Reel Payoff® Premium

    Encore Wire's new Reel Payoff® Premium is more durable with enhanced weatherability! Transitioning the classic version of the Reel Payoff® to a single sheet of hard wood, the new Reel Payoff® Premium includes a metal band and metal drum that is pre-cut with wire-tail slots to accommodate virtually any wire size.

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  • TC-ER SE-R Hybrid<sup>®</sup>

    TC-ER SE-R Hybrid®

    TC-ER SE-R Hybrid® is a combination cable that can be used as TC-ER-JP or SE-R for indoor and outdoor, above ground and underground applications. When necessary to transition outside underground into a building, our hybrid cable streamlines the installation process by combining indoor SE-R and Tray Cable direct burial ratings.

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  • NM-B PCS Building Wire

    NM-B PCS Building Wire

    NM-B PCS is constructed with one cabled pair of 16 AWG signal wires for 0-10v lighting control. The multiple signal/control bundles eliminate the need for additional independent signal cables and reduce dependence on Wi-Fi controls which can be intermittent and are subject to security concerns. NMB-PCS's unique design of power and control in one reduces cost by speeding up the installation process.

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  • Mega Coil™

    Mega Coil™

    Encore Wire's new Mega Coil™ is designed with pre-fabrication operations in mind. With even longer, continual metal-clad runs, processes are streamlined and scrap is reduced. The Mega Coil™ is portable, easy to set up and saves valuable floor space.

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