The Reel Payoff® Premium


  • It's lighter, more stable and has a decreased overall pulling tension
  • Studies show it can be used 10 times more than the original, under normal, controlled conditions
  • It's easier to maneuver on unpredictable terrain
  • The set-up time is decreased
  • Similar to the classic version, the Reel Payoff® Premium is available in unlimited supply, and no jack-stand is needed!


Encore Wire's new Reel Payoff® Premium is even easier to maneuver! Transitioning the classic version of the Reel Payoff® to a single sheet of hard wood, the new Reel Payoff® Premium includes a welded metal band and metal drum that is pre-cut with wire-tail slots to accommodate virtually any wire size. These upgrades are designed with large projects in mind, taking the industry's first self-spinning wooden reel to the next level.