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We are reaching out to innovators, builders, creators and industry professionals who know what it takes to build up America. We want to partner with you to make safer, faster and easier to use products and processes that will revolutionize the electrical wire industry.

Terms & Conditions  Submit Your Idea


  • I am at least 18 years of age.
  • To the best of my knowledge, my idea is original, and has not been copied or taken from anyone else.
  • I understand and certify to the best of my knowledge that my idea submission does not/will not infringe upon any rights of another person or entity.
  • If Encore Wire modifies my idea such that it will be uniquely different than my original idea, Encore Wire has the option to patent the modified idea.
  • I agree that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy is established between Encore Wire and me with respect to the idea I submit.
  • I understand and agree that the only protection I have for my idea is any patent protection that exists at the time of this idea submission. I agree to provide Encore Wire the patent serial number or copies of a pending patent application related to my idea if it currently exists.
  • I understand that Encore Wire is not obligated to review, develop or pursue any submitted idea.
  • I understand that in consideration for Encore Wire to evaluate my idea, I agree that Encore Wire is released from any and all obligations to me in connection with the manufacture, sale or use of my idea or any portion thereof except such obligations which may arise under a separate agreement with Encore Wire regarding valid, unexpired patents which may have been granted or may be granted in the future.
  • I understand and agree that upon submission, Encore Wire shall become the full and complete owner of my idea. Encore Wire will then have the unrestricted right to retain, use, disclose, license and sell my submitted idea. I am assigning to Encore Wire my entire right, title and interest in and to my idea.
  • I am voluntarily, knowingly, and intentionally entering into this Submission Agreement with Encore Wire in consideration for the possibility (but not guarantee) that Encore Wire might pay me something for use of my idea.
  • I understand that Encore Wire’s receipt of my idea submission and any actions Encore Wire may take related to my idea submission: (1) doesn’t mean that Encore Wire has reviewed its records to determine whether it has seen, developed, or acquired rights to ideas that are similar to my idea; and (2) doesn’t create any liability or obligation between Encore Wire and myself, except as provided by this Submission Agreement.
  • I understand that Encore Wire disavows any obligation to inform me at any time that it or another company worked on a similar item.
  • If my idea is protected or potentially protectable by a valid and issued patent, or is original and novel to Encore Wire, and is adopted by Encore Wire, any license or transfer of my rights, and compensation for my idea, if any, will be set forth as part of a separate written agreement between Encore Wire and me.
  • Any change to this Submission Agreement must be approved in writing by an officer of Encore Wire.
  • I understand and agree that this Submission Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Encore Wire and me pertaining to this idea.
I have an idea! Now what?

Before submitting your idea:

  • Google your idea with multiple searches and keywords to see what's already out there
  • Check Encore Wire’s website for similar ideas
  • Check the US Patent website for similar ideas
  • Read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your idea

Once you have completed the above steps and confirmed your idea is original, submit your idea to with any necessary support or collateral. By submitting your idea, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. After submitting your idea, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Where does the submission go?

Submissions go to our committee members for preliminary review. The submission review process can take up to 6 weeks.

What if you like my idea?

You will be contacted for an in-depth discussion including product application and use, competitive advantages, design, functionality, manufacturing requirements, etc.

What if my idea gets approved?

You could be rewarded up to $3000 for your idea. Final negotiations will then take place between you and Encore Wire.

What if my idea does not get approved?

You will receive an email within 4-6 weeks to let you know we will not be moving forward with your idea.