The Reel Payoff


  • Sizes 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″ and 48″
  • Available with any Encore Wire product
  • Equipped with a 4-way pallet that allows you to pull with no tools
  • Shipped in roll-off position, reducing material and handling costs and possible damage
  • Reel legs lock inner flange in place during transit and loading


The industry's first self-spinning wooden reel! No jack stand needed! The Reel Payoff allows you to pull directly from the pallet. When off the pallet, the Reel Payoff rotates within its own axis for 360-degree maneuverability; perfect for small spaces.

The industry’s only self-spinning wooden reel is available in reel sizes 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″ 48″ and in THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2 or USE-2.