MC Barrel Pack


  • Available in a 55-gallon drum
  • Available with standard 120V/208Y and 277V/480Y color codes
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Serves as an instant payoff system; no special equipment or tools needed
  • Easily maneuverable with any industrial dolly or cart
  • Can be paid out in a 360° radius
  • Longer put-up and continuous footage equal less setup, less packaging, and less scrap
  • Smaller container, with 10% more footage than competitors


With time and safety in mind, the MC Barrel Pack was designed to serve as an instant payoff system with no extra tools required. Using a proprietary packaging technique, the MC Barrel Pack uses a smaller container with 10% more footage than competitors, meaning longer, continuous footage and less scrap. The MC Barrel Pack is easily maneuverable using any standard dolly or cart and can be paid out in a 360-degree radius so you can get your next job done quicker.