PVC Jacketed MC Aluminum Armor THHN/THWN-2 Inners


  • Sizes 6 AWG - 750 KCMIL
  • Type THHN/THWN-2 conductors rated 90°C dry
  • Permitted for 600-volt applications
  • Available in steel armor
  • Suitable for wet, damp and dry locations
  • Permitted for direct burial
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL Listed E-301130


Encore Wire's Metal-Clad Cable is primarily used for services, feeders, and branch circuits in residential, commercial, industrial, and non-patient care area/space of health care facilities. It is allowable in concealed or exposed installations and is acceptable for power, lighting, control, and signal units. It is permitted for direct burial in the earth or when embedded in concrete per NEC 330.12(2)(a) and it is permitted in wet locations per NEC 330.10(A)(11). Type XHHW-2 conductors are rated 90°C dry. Metal-Clad Cable is available in sizes 6 AWG through 750 KCMIL and is constructed with Compact Stranded Conductors, Aluminum Alloy 8000 Series per ASTM B800, ASTM B801 and ASTM B836. All conductors are cabled together with separator tape, which contains the identification print legend. Interlocked aluminum armor is applied as well as a sunlight-resistant, flame-retardant, black PVC jacket.