Flexcore™ - Type MTW / THW-2 / AWM / TEW


  • Sizes 6 AWG - 750 KCMIL
  • Copper building wire
  • Permitted for 600-volt applications
  • Suitable for wet, damp and dry locations
  • Color-coded PVC, heat- and moisture-resistant, flame-retardant insulation
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Listed E-156879


Flexcore is a highly-flexible conductor intended for applications utilized in raceways for services, feeders, and branch-circuit wiring as specified by the NEC. It is optimal for data center applications with reduced bending radii. Flexcore is flexible like DLO, or diesel locomotive cable, but listed for use in buildings unlike DLO. Its increased strand count provides an increase in the conductive surface area and the flexibility. Flexcore utilizes Class I stranding which maximizes flexibility while still allowing the use of standard termination lugs.