Turn Your Copper Scrap into Cash

November 1, 2023
Chris Tucker

why recycle your copper scrap?

Did you know that recycling your insulated building wire and bare copper can put dollars in your pocket and help protect the environment at the same time?  With an In-house copper recycling program like Encore Wire's, we can do our part to slow down the consumption of natural resources. 

Copper recycling is fundamental to the future of sustainability. It is 100% recyclable, and its quality will not degrade after processing.  With Encore Wire's Scrap Purchase Program, all copper products that are bought back undergo rigorous testing to guarantee the quality of the copper and to maintain the quality of the finished products.

When you participate in copper recycling, you are investing in a cleaner environment.  Follow these steps to let Encore Wire turn your scrap into cash.


Chris Tucker
Director of Non-Ferrous Metals

Encore Wire