A Highlight on Women in The Electrical Industry

January 23, 2024
Jeanette Fullington

Celebrate the remarkable contributions of women in construction with Encore Wire as we shine a spotlight on their achievements, resilience, and invaluable presence in the electrical industry. From the boots on the ground to the executive suite, women are not only present but flourishing in their careers.

Casey Schmidt, Category Director Commodities, Border States


"When I started in this business almost 10 years ago, I knew almost nothing about electrical distribution. Early on, I recognized that if I was going to thrive in this industry, I needed to immerse myself quickly and start learning from experts. I traveled to many vendors, branches, and industry events during my first couple of years. I listened. I took notes. I found mentors who were so willing and proud to be a part of this industry - they wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge with people looking to learn. They always answered the phone, and no question was a silly one. It was just so refreshing to have a great network of people to call when I needed a hand. Not having that support system early in my career might have changed my course."


Kelly Eldringhoff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Colerick Electrical Sales

Kelly, what is your experience working in the electrical industry as a woman?

"When I entered the electrical industry in 2016, very few women were working in the field. I am not sure if the gender growth happened because the industry became recognized for its opportunities or if the individual businesses looked to grow in areas with positions that women typically hold. 

My work is respected equally to my male counterparts. My customers and manufacturers prefer the diversity within my agency and fully embrace the talents and experience that I bring to the table. 

I have noticed more in this industry that women tend to gravitate toward one another. I believe that is because we have shared experiences."


Belinda Thorp, Plant 4 Lead, Encore Wire

Belinda, what is your experience working in manufacturing at Encore Wire?

"When I started at Encore in 1999, I knew little about manufacturing electrical wire. I was fortunate to work for a company that worked with employees who wanted to learn and advance in the industry. I worked with people who knew the industry inside and out and listened and learned from them. I took training courses from people who wanted to share their knowledge and allow me to learn and grow."

Encore Wire encourages women to build impactful careers in the electrical industry. Casey, Kelly, and Belinda thank you for providing invaluable insights and championing the voices of women. Together, we pave the way for a future where talent and potential are valued above all else.

Jeanette Fullington
Marketing Coordinator

Encore Wire