Encore Wire Celebrates its 35th Anniversary!

March 29, 2024
Mike Kammerdiener

This April, Encore Wire Corporation celebrates 35 years!  As an industry leading manufacturer of wire and cable solutions in the residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare, data center and clean energy markets, Encore Wire's single-site campus in McKinney, TX now spans 460 acres with just under 3.5 million square feet under roof.  We take pride in delivering on our core values so that we can better serve our customers - with a broad breadth of products, high fill rates, best-in-class delivery and an unrivaled level of service.

a journey of growth & innovation

Founded by Vincent A. Rego and Donald M. Spurgin in 1989, Encore Wire began its legacy in a 68,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse in McKinney, TX.  With 8 employees, the company started acquiring, installing, and testing equipment to manufacture NM-B and UF-B residential cable.

(Pictured: Vincent Rego - 1997)

While maintaining a close eye on the health and safety of its employees and equipment, Encore Wire grew quickly with several campus expansions and innovations that would go on to impact the company's trajectory and strengthen its ability to serve the market.  Here's a look at some of these milestones:

  • 1994 – Plant 2 built: Expansion of product line into large gauge commercial wire
  • 1997 – Distribution Center built
  • 1999 – Pioneered colored wire & cable for the commercial market, setting an industry standard
  • 2006 – Plant 4 built: Expansion of product line to include armored cable
  • 2007 – Corporate headquarters built & on-site medical clinic added
  • 2008 – Plant 5 opened: Expansion of product line to include industrial cable
  • 2009 – Superslick Elite® introduced
  • 2012 – Plant 6 built: Expansion of product line to include aluminum building wire
  • 2014 – Aluminum plant expanded
  • 2016 – Armored cable plant expanded
  • 2018 – Machinery upgrades and replacements
  • 2021 – Service Center built, nearly doubling the size of the previous Distribution Center
  • 2022 – Plant 7 opened with over 400,000 square feet of incremental manufacturing capacity; Plant 5 becomes state-of-the-art Employee Center for recruiting, training, fitness and medical care

From the beginning, Encore Wire has also been intensely focused on becoming vertically integrated.  The following campus additions have greatly bolstered its resiliency and capacity to service the market:      

  • 1998 – Copper Rod Mill built
  • 1999 – Plastic Mill built; Railroad added
  • 2010 – Encore TechLab® built: LEED® Platinum Certified R&D Center and first of its kind in North Texas
  • 2023 – XLPE Compounding facility built

Since inception, these campus enhancements, as well as clear focus on the people and the equipment, have fueled Encore Wire's growth and have positioned us well for years to come.  Thank you to our employees, manufacturer representatives, customers and supplier partners for their continued support and commitment as we celebrate 35 years of success!

About us

Encore Wire Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of copper and aluminum electrical wire and cables, supplying power generation and distribution solutions to meet our customers' needs today and in the future.  The Company focuses on maintaining a low-cost of production while providing exceptional customer service, quickly shipping complete orders coast-to-coast.  Our products are proudly made in America at our vertically integrated, single-site, Texas campus.

Mike Kammerdiener
Engineering Director

Encore Wire