Innovative Solutions for Residential Wiring

August 31, 2023
Landon Hartwick

The residential market is growing rapidly, and so is the technology. There are new ways to increase the efficiency of electrical cable pulls. From NM-B PCS smart technology to TC-ER SE-R Hybrid® one-cable solution, there is a range of residential wire products to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors alike. 

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Smart technology is the future, and NM-B PCS is here to take you there. Encore Wire's NM-B PCS is the perfect solution for LED, fluorescent dimming systems, and smart building technology. NM-B PCS is constructed with one cabled pair of 16 AWG signal wires for 0-10v lighting control, eliminating the need for multiple installations. 

Encore Wire's TC-ER SE-R Hybrid® cable is another solution to avoid multiple installations. Designed to transition from SE-R to TC ER instantly, Hybrid cable is a one-cable solution for an indoor/outdoor install.

"Having worked with Encore Wire's TC-ER/SER Hybrid Cable for several months, we could not be more satisfied. Code-enforcing officials almost never object to its use due to the various ratings and permissions it encompasses"

  • Barklie Estes, President of Nova Solar, Inc.

WhY Choose encore wire for your residential needs? 

When it comes to residential wire, you can depend on Encore Wire to deliver in quality, innovation, responsiveness and for receiving material on-time.  Since 1989, Encore Wire's single-site campus has expanded to 450 acres with 3 million square feet under roof and is still growing.

From pioneering colored wire to delivering during periods of supply chain uncertainty, we work hard to exceed our partners' expectations.  All of our products are proudly made right here in the USA. Partner with Encore Wire for quick deliveries, quality products, high fill rates and an unrivaled level service. 

Landon Hartwick
Sales Performance Manager

Encore Wire