7 Reasons to Choose Metal - Clad (MC) Cable

April 3, 2023
Daniel McCaulley , P.E.

why choose  metal-Clad (MC) cable?

With significant savings in material and labor costs, contractors prefer to use Metal-Clad (MC) cable instead of traditional non-metallic and metallic raceways. Here are seven reasons why we recommend choosing MC Cable over traditional raceway and wire installations:
  • The installation process is quicker and smoother
  • Less labor is required, thus reducing costs
  • No complex raceway fill calculations are required
  • The need for traditional wire tuggers, raceway benders, and pipe threaders is eliminated
  • MC cable easily cuts with a rotary cutting tool, diagonal cutters, or side cutters–no saws required
  • MC cable is designed and available in both steel and aluminum to resist corrosion
  • The flexible interlocked armor is easier to use in close-spaced bends

MC Armored Cable can be used in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Combined with Encore Wire's SmartColorID®, contractors can quickly and accurately identify MC cable for their project. Be sure to check out Encore Wire for the full specifications.

What's the cost difference of using pipe and wire, including the installation versus choosing Metal-Clad Cable? See the labor chart for the comparison in hours.

Based on previous NECA recommended labor hours. Results may vary.
Daniel McCaulley
P.E. Director of Product Management
Encore Wire