6 Reasons Why American Made Makes Sense

June 10, 2024
Kevin Heffernan

With the "Build America, Buy America" (BABA) Act, American-made products are prioritized for federally funded "infrastructure projects".  One of the primary goals of this policy is to increase a resilient domestic supply chain and manufacturing supply for critical materials.*

What does this mean in the 600-volt wire and cable space?  When you need an 'easy-button' solution for meeting BABA requirements, Encore Wire is your one-stop source for aluminum and copper products.  Don't take our word for it.  Here are 6 reasons why it makes sense to partner with an American manufacturer.

6 Reasons Why american made matters

  1. American economy – When seeking out American-made products, you're fostering the local economy and American workers.
  2. Environmentally friendly – US manufacturing processes are generally cleaner for the environment as compared to brands utilizing supply that originates overseas. Additionally, there's a higher carbon footprint when material is shipped from overseas.
  3. Higher quality & expertise – When meeting the engineers and manufacturers involved in the production process, it's not uncommon to find the skill and expertise to be more streamlined in the US. The manufacturing and labor regulations in America are held to a higher standard (and are more strictly enforced) as compared to many other countries.
  4. Quicker turnaround – Lead times are shortened by proximity when there's not overseas shipments to consider. Communication is also easier, resulting in quicker response times.  Plus, when the manufacturer sources material locally, there's more flexibility to move and adapt quickly. 
  5. Lower overall cost – Initial sticker price may fool some buyers who miss assessing the bigger picture. It's important to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership to reveal hidden shipping fees, evaluate opportunity cost of time, and consider overall quality, fill rates and service levels.
  6. Ethics & human rights – Unsafe working conditions exist in several countries due to poor foreign labor requirements. When buying American-made products, there's confidence in knowing your purchase supports a higher, ethical standard.

importance of baba compliance

So what does it mean to have a BABA compliant manufacturer in your corner?  When partnering with a wire and cable supplier like Encore Wire, it means that no matter the supply chain or economic climate, our expansive, single-site campus affords us a resilient and flexible manufacturing process.  Our raw materials are domestically sourced from American suppliers with the majority located within a 1,000 radius of our single-site campus.  This bolsters our vertically-integrated campus, further equipping us so that we can provide rapid support and deliver material exactly when and how you need for your infrastructure projects.

Our relentless attention to detail and unmatched operation agility make Encore Wire the preferred choice for fulfilling BABA requirements.  All our products and quality solutions are made right here in the USA.

Kevin Heffernan
VP of Sales & Marketing

Encore Wire

*Sources: Energy.gov, NTIA.gov