1. What type & size wire has sequential numbering?

Encore Wire Corporation’s 1AWG and larger single conductors have sequential numbering printed on them.

2. What are the pallet quantities for NM-B and MC?

Pallet quantities will vary depending on the type, size, and length of the wire being ordered.

3. What steps are being taken to ensure shipping accuracy?

Encore Wire Corporation has a dependable warehouse system that eliminates shipping errors and ensures our order fill rate. Every item on an order is electronically scanned and tracked to ensure accuracy. Each order is individually piece-counted and approved by a quality control specialist before being shipped. This double-check system results in an extremely high accuracy rate on all orders.

4. Is Encore an ISO certified company?

Encore Wire Corporation currently is not an ISO company.

5. Is there a + or – variance on cut reels?

Encore Wire Corporation recognizes that industry tolerances allow for a +/- margin on cut reels; however, Encore’s policy is to never send a customer less wire than what was ordered. Customers can be confident that when they order wire from Encore, they will receive either the exact footage that was ordered, or footage in excess of what was ordered. We never short the customer.

6. What does the ‘-2’ mean on items such as USE-2? Is it dual rated?

A “-2” in a product description represents a temperature rating of 90°C for that particular product. It has nothing to do with a dual rating.

7. Will Encore manufacture products that are not listed in the catalog or on the website?

Encore Wire Corporation’s goal is complete customer satisfaction. Whenever possible, Encore will accommodate orders for products not listed in the catalog; however, before committing to an order, two factors are usually taken into account: First, Encore must have the capability to produce the requested product, and second, Encore may consider the economic run quantity.

8. Will Encore make medium or high voltage wire in the future?

Encore Wire Corporation has always pushed the envelope with regard to product development, and Encore plans to continue this aggressive approach in the future. Encore has no current plans on making a medium or high voltage wire; however, Encore’s product development team is always looking for ways to meet the needs of our customers by offering products that our customer’s want.

9. Does Encore cable insulated wire?

Yes. Encore Wire Corporation has an abundant capacity for cabling bare and insulated wire.

10. Does Encore have pulling heads?

Yes. Encore Wire Corporation offers pulling heads with the patent pending SmartMark™ design. They are available in sizes from 8awg through 1000KCMIL, and Encore will attach them at the factory upon request, or they may be sold separately.

11. Is Encore copper compact, compressed or concentric?

Like most wire manufacturers, Encore Wire Corporation’s copper products are compressed and concentric. Compact wire is generally reserved for aluminum conductors.